Your Work-From-Home Shirt #3

Your Work-From-Home Shirt #3



Work From Home T-shirt


What do you miss in the office that you don’t have at home? The office elevator? Wear this shirt to enjoy working from home and not miss your office elevator ride.

Bring something new to your Zoom and Skype video calls, meetings, and conferencing. This shirt is perfect for your current work from home setup. The work from home setup won’t be ending very soon due to the pandemic. It’s the new normal for work. Companies are digitizing everything. Who knows when the next pandemic will happen again. Give your colleagues a reason to laugh or smile through this shirt. Imagine wearing this shirt during video calls on Zoom or Skype meetings. That would be so awesome. This shirt promises you more lively meetings when you wear this.

The shirt can also be used as a daily shirt or even when you go out, hang out or travel somewhere else. People will surely laugh their hearts out. Choose from different colors to perk up your mood for the day with the variety of colors to choose from. When you wear this shirt, it’s just like telling your brain that you are now in work mode. Just by seeing the word “WORK FROM HOME” already remind you that you are indeed WORKING just at the comfort of your home. Even when your boss saw you in a video meeting or conference he/she will know you are indeed aware that you are working.

It’s a good alternative for formal office attire because it is more comfortable. Who will see you a lot while working at home anyway? If you’re a company owner or a boss you can even make this shirt as an official uniform when working from home since it is a constant reminder for the employees that even when they are at home they are working, therefore, they should give same effort just like working in an office setting. Actually, they should be more productive since the energy and time for commuting to the office has been eradicated therefore it can be transmuted into productivity or output of work.


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